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5 / 5 stars
"Dr. Story is the most compassionate therapist I have ever had. When you are with her, you get her 100%. She stays engaged in the session/appointment and gives you her full attention. I have been seeing her almost a year and I am making much progress on my healing from my childhood. She makes me laugh even when I don't feel like it. She is honest, professional, and really loves what she does and has a lot of knowledge. I would recommend Dr. Story to anyone who needs deep healing and also anyone who just needs to talk things out."


5 / 5 stars
Top Notch
"Dr. Story is a rare find. Even with the boundaries set in place between doctor and patient, she makes you feel comfortable and like she truly cares for you and your wellbeing. She is kind, very professional, and takes different approaches depending on specific needs. I would definitely recommend her."

5 / 5 stars
Quality and Compassion
"Dr. Story listens with compassion and gives her all when in sessions. During difficult times, she always was able to find a bright light for me to hang on to and reflect on. She remains a positive influence in my life and my daughters as well. Such a wonderful and heart-felt person...highly recommend."


5 / 5 stars
Professional and Knowledgeable
"I have been going to Dr. Story for only a couple of weeks and I feel like I have made a lot more progress then my last therapist, the one that I have been going to for 10 years. I think the best thing is that Dr. Story keeps me on track during my sessions, I tend to wonder, and she brings me back to the topic at hand without me feeling like she cut me off. Dr. Story challenges me, she is very honest, I have become slightly annoyed at times because of her honestly, but when I get home, I realize it is just what I needed to hear. I can recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of therapy. Thank you for all your help."


5 / 5 stars
Friendly, Professional and Supportive
"Dr. Christina Story is phenomenal! She helped my husband and I during a very difficult time in our lives. She listened to each of us thoroughly, and gave her all during each and every session. I truly felt as though she truly cared about us as individuals and not as if we were a number or just clients. She's even called/emailed personally and asked how we were doing if she hadn't heard from one of us in a while. Just overall very caring, professional, and supportive! I have even gone to her to work on myself for personal growth. We have recommended her to other couples/friends and will continue to praise and recommend her!"


5 / 5 stars
Professional, Caring and Effective
"Dr. Story has helped our family overcome tremendous hurdles by providing outstanding service. She listens, cares and articulates a creative approach that has been successful in allowing us to move forward and begin anew. Professionalism along with a warm, calming personality allowed for a positive atmosphere during each session. We are truly grateful that we found Dr. Story and the needed support that she delivers!"


5 / 5 stars
Excellent Counselor
"Dr. Story is warm, personable, attentive, insightful, thought provoking, and someone I will go to again if I need further help dealing with life issues. Dr. Story was able to view and respond to my situation from a Christian perspective, which was vital for me, without being overbearing. Her comments and questions were always direct and relevant. Her "homework" suggestions were helpful and refreshing. She helped me clarify my issues and understand the potential consequences of decisions I was trying to make. She gave me important long-term key touchstones / phrases / questions to ask myself in times of stress or confusion to help me clarify my thoughts and feelings. That insight has allowed me to act from a place of strength and confidence. I have seen several counselors over the years and Dr. Story is the most helpful counselor I have ever seen."